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יוליה - Yulia

“Yulia” is located in the southern part of the Tel Aviv port, with a spectacular shorefront view of the endless horizon and the waves crashing against the shoreline.

Opened in 2006 by the restaurateurs Micha Sol and Dani Eitan (“Boya,” “Bebale,” “Yam 7”), “Yulia” is a contemporary chef restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine though a fascinating blend of flavors, colors and textures.

“Yulia” offers a comprehensive dining experience from morning to night, and is divided into three spaces: the interior hall, which contains a large bar and classic dining tables, as well as a covered terrace and a spacious open terrace. These three spaces merge into a single deck adorned with cozy designer lighting fixtures, which give a sense of home on the beach. The restaurant spaces are suitable for both large and small events, with a variety of sitting arrangements around the dining tables, or for mingling at the bar.

The restaurant is headed by the Chef Roman Dimant, best known for his preference to cook with local fresh produce such as fish, meat, cheese, vegetables and fruit. He likes to use local products, not only due to their availability and freshness, but also because he believes that we all should enjoy the abundance our country has to offer. Recently, Roman even got a tattoo of the “Yulia” logo – a knife and fork – as a declaration of his total love and dedication to its kitchen and cooking.

“Yulia” specializes in fish and seafood, and offers preset breakfasts and brunches including dishes such as Croque Popeye “Yulia” style, delectable chickpea patties, sea fish ceviche, artichoke alla Romana, salmon carpaccio, dish roe salad, schmaltz herring and much many others.

Furthermore, the lunches and dinners at “Yulia” include a variety of unique dishes like grilled sea bream fillet, served on spinach and ricotta tortellini, or grouper fillet in red curry. For meat lovers, we offer the “Steak of the Day” and “Yulia” burger renowned for its premium taste and quality.

Among the special desserts daily made in the restaurant, you will find the famous “Boya” – a banana tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream, and knafeh, a goat cheese pastry served with pistachio ice cream.

We invite you to enjoy the cool breeze and the wonderful flavors of “Yulia,” which is open every day from 09:00 until the last customer.